Like everyone else I’ve been thinking a lot about the current economic climate. As someone running a small business I have been keen to find something positive amid all the doom and gloom. In November, my opinion was that we probably would not be all that affected by it. I figured that we were good at finding new work because we have to do it consistently all the time. Our project durations are pretty short– from 3 months to a year–and although we frequently work for the same client more than once, it can take a while for one project to lead to another . In February, my opinion was that small companies are better positioned than the bigger shops for three reasons.

1) We’re lean
2) We care
3) We do really good work

Today, I was excited to find Peter Bregman’s post at Harvard Business Publishing. He expounds on exactly those attributes and goes one step further to say that what big companies really lack is trustworthiness.

Small companies with low overhead, reliable owners, a small number of committed employees, personal client relationships, and sustainable business models that drive a reasonable profit are the great opportunity of our time. We simply don’t trust companies anymore. We trust people. And in big companies, it’s hard to even find a person to trust as we scream “operator” into our telephones only to get transferred to another menu whose options have changed. That gives small companies a huge advantage.

I know he’s right. So now all we need to do is keep on keeping on and get our name out there. So if you’re reading this spread the word and get in touch.

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