We soft-launched foamex.com at the beginning of the week. As of today, the site is officially live. Working with a large manufacturing company turned out to be a really good experience. The client was  professional and organized and appreciated our point of view. We often work with designers, branding agencies and architects and that means a lot of cooks in the kitchen. I can see you nodding your heads out there.

The biggest challenge on this project was content creation. We provided the site architecture and content strategy–what the communication goal of each section is. The client liason reached out to each individual business unit to create the content. Then we went back and forth whittling it down until the lengths weren’t quite as overwhelming. It’s still a lot for non-industry audiences. In response, the broader public is  addressed by the main storylines and top level messaging. The deeper sections of the site are more technical.

We’re very happy with the results and are confident that good design can enable Foamex to communicate just how innovative they are. On a side note, our colleagues at Emblem brought us on board for this project. We’re always happy to collaborate.

Landing Screen

Landing Screen

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