voorsanger architects new site

When Voorsanger Architects approached us to redesign their website we were immediately intrigued by two things:

First of all, their unique architectural language is applied to a great variety of projects with an amazing consistency of style and a subtle instinct for the ‘genius loci’.

Secondly, Voorsanger Architects understand the importance of good photography as a main ingredient to communicate and market their work in the best way possible.

It was clear that the new web site’s most important characteristic would have to be to play up this equation. A full screen image is the base layer for each screen and navigational elements, and text content are added on top of it in semitransparent layers. The main navigation appears and disappears intuitively as the user’s focus shifts between browsing the main menu and exploring the content of a section or project. Each element only comes into play when it is necessary for the immediate logic of a user interaction.

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