Have you ever had an idea for something and just never got it done because “work” was always in the way? Well we finally made one of those projects happen. It’s called STACKD and it’s meant to put people together for business, collaboration or anything else that comes to mind.

When we moved our office to a 20 story building last fall the elevators became pretty important. Sometimes they’re broken and a crowd gathers. Sometimes people post items that they have for sale. Most days you just squeeze in with a bunch of half-familiar faces and wait it out. It’s not a talkative environment but there are stolen glimpses. I’ve always been curious to know where people go and who they work for and so we built a website to facilitate that. It’s simple really. You sign up, list your company info and find others that work in your building. Once we get going we’ll add a way to sort by industry, post messages and receive notifications.

We’re planning to go knocking on a lot of doors in the next few days to say hello and let our neighbors know what we’ve been up to.

UPDATE: We’re gotten the first dozen signups and a little bit of coverage. Rob Levin of New York Enterprise Report posted earlier this week titling his write up “Know Thy Neighbor” which focused on the social aspect of the project.

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Hey guys…great idea, totally wanted to sign up for it – I have to say though, the site’s UI and intuitiveness is lacking. I *think* there’s only 2-3 things to actually do to get started on the site (register building, register company?) but I can’t directly register my address, it doesn’t show up in the list once I do, etc. Maybe we’re just UI/Design nerds at our co., but I dig the idea, but having a bit of trouble at pretty low level of Stackd – thought you’d might like to know! Cheers…

Bobby Ziade

Bobby Ziade added these pithy words on Oct 15 09 at 11:49 am

Hi Bobby,
thanks for your comment – we agree that the UI is nowhere near useful even though what you can do right now is simple. We put it out there a bit too early and got swamped by client work. Now that people are finding to it we clearly have to get our act together. Thanks again for taking the time to comment. We are looking to fix the bugginess in a jiffy.

sidney added these pithy words on Oct 15 09 at 5:18 pm

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