The other day I stumbled upon 50 Essential Web Typography Tutorials, Tips, Guides and Best Practices, an article on It is quite an amazing collection of best practices for web typography. There are a few tools and tips that stand out:


Using a custom font as opposed to a system font has been a huge issue for web designers for a long time. Luckily there is sIFR and cufon, 2 methods we use to realize dynamic rendering of fonts on web sites. The latest browser generation (at least Firefox 3.5 and Safari 4) support the @font-face CSS rule which forces the font to download to the clients computer. The result is quite amazing but the results vary widely between browsers.



Speaking of sIFR and cufon, there appears to be more fish in that pond: FontJazz and facelift both offer custom font rendering but in very different ways. While FontJazz appears to be a cufon clone (which appears to work on many, even old browsers), facelift renders images in real time. Not sure if I am tempted to try these approaches as cufon works pretty well for us.




csstypeset is a nice tool that allows you to format small snippets of text using system fonts. On the left you have a WYSIWYG editing area and to the right your CSS code is generated. Bookmark!



Today everything is about em in CSS, no px anymore. Yeah, I know, how nerdy can it get. But seriously, this online tool helps you convert to em easily and thus enables you to create better stylesheets.

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4 New Web-Typography Tips & Tricks

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