Over the last 10 months we worked with the Y Water brand to design packaging for their broad market launch. The first products to arrive in stores within the next few weeks are pouches sold in cartons of 5. We generated all design from the core concept that engaging a consumer has to go beyond applying design styles to a product. We put ourselves into the mind of a 7 year old and came up with as much fun stuff to make out of the packaging as we could. Each pouch has a “lens” in the center. This shows off the color of the organic, low calorie drink but also acts like a magnifying glass. We printed tiny bugs and ants on the cartons so kids can take the magni-pouches and try to find them all. The cartons become thumb wrestling mats when you and a friend stick your hands inside. We’ll show you those next time.

The brand launched to much fanfare as a new concept in children’s beverages in 2007. Yves Behar of Fuse Project designed the first bottles. Kastner and Partners supported Y Water with communications and advertising.

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Why introduce a pouch when the bottle is such an icon?

marisa hoffenberg added these pithy words on Jul 18 10 at 6:52 pm

Good question. The bottle is a real challenge to produce at costs low enough to be profitable. The pouch will allow for a larger volume of product to get to the market and it’s easy to throw a few into a bag or lunchbox. The bottle will of course still be sold and in the future may turn into a refillable bottle.

Sidney added these pithy words on Jul 21 10 at 8:15 am

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