We’ve had an iPad in the office for a few weeks now and I’ve been meaning to write something about how it is changing how we design. It’s taken me way to long to get it together. A lot has already been said about the impact the vertical proportion will have or more specifically that there is no longer one standard orientation (landscape) to design for. Other’s have written on the upsurge quality typography will get and more have seen it as another nail in the coffin for Flash (premature?).

Last week I found an article in the New York Times announcing that GOURMET is back as Gourmet Live! I loved that magazine and was heartbroken when Conde Nast pulled the plug last October. This is the first example I’ve come across of the iPad prompting a magazine relaunch. The magazine, that according to the publisher, is no longer a magazine will launch in the fall of 2010. I for one am more than curious to see whether they will have the fortitude to pull off something that uses the medium  rather than dumping existing approaches to content and layout onto a new platform. Fingers crossed.

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! Gourmet Live has me excited but I always wonder what will happen to advertising in a live magazine setting. Selling page inches is one thing, but selling interactive, attention grabbing, noisier than noisy advertising seems like a challenge. Do readers really want to have to mix their much-loved Gourmet food photography with the flashy ads of Bing!, amazon, or Barnes & Noble?

I think we’ll have to see who decides to advertise in print-gone-live media. I know Martha Stewart is launching a Live publication, too. Check out http://www.ruemag.com/ for a look at how a live publication might take advantage of the medium. I personally am hoping Gourmet does ‘dump’ exiting approaches to content and layout onto an iPad…since that’s half of why I loved the magazine to begin with!

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